Dark Fibre – $450/ month*

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*Month to Month Only

Key Features

5GN Dark Fibre service provides a dedicated fibre pair to each customer which they can use and manage entirely. The service offers: 

Wholesale Dark Fibre Services and Solutions

What is 5GN Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre refers to Network Fibre Optic Cables which have been laid in the ground to physically connect different buildings and data centres. Since digging and laying down cables is a huge investment, 5GN has provisioned significant excess capacity in those cables for them to be leased by different companies. This is unlit and unmonitored passive optical path that requires you to connect your own active equipment at each end.

Benefits of 5GN Dark Fibre

Single Price in Metro

Unlike other companies who charge for dark fibre based on distance, we offer a single price to connect any two data centres in the same metropolitan area.

Bandwidth Scalability

Dark Fibre allows you to scale your bandwidth as your requirements grow by simply updating the equipment at each end. A single dark fibre pair can support multiple terabits (Tbps) of capacity.

Privacy and Security

Your network is physically dedicated to your business and is not shared at any point. This provides you with ultimate peace of mind and can help demonstrate regulatory compliance – your network is 100% private.

Control and Flexibility

You add your own equipment. That means you can build bespoke network solutions and choose which bandwidths and or network protocols to use.

Route Diversity

Network route diversity is critical to protect your business. You can design a Dark Fibre network that is graphically diverse from other routes you may currently use, or provide a secondary diverse path.