What do we discuss in the IP Transit Whitepaper?

The pandemic has seen the world move online, and with everyone operating digitally, the global demand for bandwidth has increased dramatically and is set to continue. Internet service providers now have to keep pace with that growth, ensuring they have the resources and capabilities to keep up with that demand.

5GN Wholesale IP Transit

This whitepaper explores the main issues local internet service providers (ISPs) face when there is more demand for bandwidth than they can readily provide.  It explores a range of viable solutions and reviews the possible risks they present.

It will also explain why IP Transit provides a sustainable balance between costs and service quality for the majority of ISPs in order to stay relevant to their customers.

Learn how the following IP Transit features can future proof your business:

  • Superior peering
  • Direct access to infrastructure
  • Customisation and scalability
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Routing table availability