IP Transit – $1.75/Mbps*

conditions apply

.*Minimum committed bandwidth – 5Gbps or greater bandwidth. 

No network port has ever worked so hard.

  • Major backbone and content providers using low latency secure Internet access both internationally and domestically.
  • Extensive managed DDOS ‘always on’ mitigation.
  • Connectivity to Tier 1 carriers for both the extension of connectivity and direct peering across this network across Australia, Singapore and Los Angeles.
  • Available at all major Data Centre’s in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Los Angeles and Auckland.

IP Transit with DDoS Protection

5GN IP Transit provides direct peering with Tier-1 carriers, major backbone and content providers using low latency secure Internet access through 5GN PoPs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth as well as international teleport locations in Singapore, Japan, Los Angeles and Auckland.

5G Networks employs several Tier 1 carriers for both the extension of connectivity and direct peering across this network. Partner providers include Telia, PCCW, TI Sparkle, Telstra Global and AAPT.

BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) peering is available with IP Transit and customers can configure BGP peering on their own routers. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) threat mitigation is available as an add-on on IP Transit product.

5GN Wholesale IP Transit

IP Transit Specifications

Service ParametersService Features Supported
Included Internet DataUnlimited
Service Speeds100Mb/s – 10Gb/s
Interface Speed1Gb/s or 10Gb/s
Service HandoffOptical: Single Mode fibre from Network Port (in PoP’s) or patch panel; or Electrical: Ethernet NTU (100Base-T/1000Base-T/10GBase-T)
Router &/or FirewallNot included. To be supplied by customer
IP AddressingCustomer or 5GN supplied IP Addresses. 5GN provides one (1) static IPv4 address by default (no charge). Additional addresses are available (standard fees apply).
IPv6 SupportYes, available
Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) PeeringYes, available with no additional charging. 5GN will, upon request, advertise customer address space on behalf of the customer where the customer does not want to configure BGP peering.
Aggregated billingBilling of multiple connections in aggregate is available.
IP BurstSpeed bursting configurations are available at 1:2 or 1:4; it is available with 95th percentile billing.
Backup ConnectionRedundant interfaces or connections, with either partial or full diversity
Technical SupportAvailable 24×7 from the Australian-based 5GN Network Support Centre.
Service Level Targets99.95% (where service is delivered over 5GN fibre)

DDoS Protection (Optional)

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection on IP Transit protects against volumetric attacks. These attacks send large volumes of traffic from distributed sources towards target IP addresses. The objective is to flood the various sources of ingress/egress so that desirable traffic cannot reach its destination.

5GN IP Transit includes RTBH (Remotely Triggered Black Hole) as a service inclusion. Optional, additional 5GN DDoS protection services are available which provide monitoring, notifications. Reporting and automated mitigation are available at an additional cost.

The 5GN DDoS Protection Platform, is purpose built to protect and secure against intended denial of service attacks. It has been tightly integrated into the 5GN global network infrastructure and is powered by Corero, a global leader in real-time network security and protection. The service has been deployed into our international and domestic PoP’s and features over 100Gbps of mitigation capacity across the IP Transit network footprint.

5G Networks DDoS protection solution mitigates a wide range of attacks, whilst maintaining the availability of applications and services it is protecting and without disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic. Key features of this protection service include automatic detection, mitigation and scrubbing of traffic, in addition to portal access for reporting and manual scrubbing (blackholing) if required.