5GN Wholesale’s Wavelength offers low-cost, long-haul connectivity.

Our Wavelength services enable cost-effective connectivity solutions, built for customers who need to solve their growing demand for high bandwidth capacity. Customers can select data speeds ranging from 10Gbit/s to 50Gbit/s over OTN, Ethernet, SDH/SONET and Fibre Channel interfaces. Importantly, Wavelength solves one of the key problems that many companies face.  It replaces the need to waste valuable resources and costs in provisioning multiple connectivity links for business continuity, that often end up redundant or obsolete.  In addition, it enables any organisation to leverage other service provider and utility networks as their own.

Wavelength’s open optical transport technology optimises network capacity for simplified and rapid provisioning, which enables businesses to scale as demand grows. The Wavelength network architecture connects Australia’s mainland capital cities in addition to secure connectivity to Singapore. As a result, 5GN can offer national and international low-latency performance that network and managed service providers need for their customers. Therefore, the solution is a truly scalable and the end-to-end architecture delivers the ability to support a wide range of client interfaces for metro, inter-capital or international connectivity.

5GN Wholesale has developed a unique Wavelength offering, demonstrated through our carrier grade architecture that’s open, disaggregated and completely future-proof. It delivers our customers the freedom to efficiently transport any mix of optical services, and scale as and when needed. By utilising our network to flexibly offer a broad range of wavelength high-speed services, the company is empowering enterprises across Australia to harness unique connectivity solutions for their business needs and therefore provide carrier grade services across Australia and Singapore with an entirely new way to access the high-bandwidth network capacity they require.

Find out more on the Wavelength product page or reach out to your account manager to explore how our Wavelength services could significantly improve your network performance.

Open Singapore markets through improved business continuity

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