We’re excited to announce we recently formed a new service agreement with DXN to give them access to dark fibre and IP Transit; enabling the modular data centre operator to provide business continuity capabilities.

DXN will take full advantage of our fibre and data centre connectivity solutions which enables them to offer customers a holistic strategy for business continuity.

Our IP Transit solution provides direct peering with Tier-1 carriers, backbone and content providers using internet access through 5GN points of presence (PoPs), with the capacity for up to 600Gb of data.

Like many of our wholesale customers, DXN were seeking more responsive, agile digital infrastructure partners to enable continued growth and flexibility. This is what 5GN excels at

“At DXN-SYD01, our Sydney based data centre, we’ve built a facility that is geared towards flexibility,” DXN connectivity hub director Michael Smith said.

“Over the past 6 months, we have focused on customer centric solutions with bespoke options for connectivity and physical space. That is why 5GN has been such a strong fit for us as a strategic partner.”

We launched our wholesale business earlier this year to increase our suite of services for MSPs. These now include data centre and connectivity services, IP transit, and cloud.

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